Communicating for Profit - Start by Identifying DISC Styles

Did you know that if you try to sell to everyone the same way, you may be losing as much as 75% of your sales?

There are four primary behavioural styles that explain the how we do things - including how we prefer to buy. These behavioural styles are very important in the sales process. By identifying these styles in your prospects, you can immediately increase your sales conversion rates by blending your sales style with your customers buying style. The first step is of course to identify and to understand your own behavioural style. A simple and very inexpensive DISC Assessment will identify your style with incredible accuracy.

In today’s blog I am going to discuss how to identify behavioural styles in others. In an upcoming blog, I’ll give you sales tips on how to sell to the different behavioural styles – so stay tuned for more!

Here is what you would look for in the four behavioural styles:

High D Style – Dominant, Driver, Choleric

  • Direct, brief and to the point
  • Demanding and independent
  • Decisive, impatient, tough
  • Strong-willed, competitive
  • Chooses “gut” over analysis
  • Makes quick decisions
  • Alpha, controlling
  • Does not listen
  • Hides emotions
  • Not detail oriented
  • Results oriented
  • Extroverted
  • Implementor
  • Conductor

The high D is extroverted and task oriented. They are direct in their communication. They are impatient. They are results, not detail, oriented. They have a short fuse and are quick to get angry. If you look at their office, you will see a status conscious, large desk and a space that is designed for efficiency. High D’s are efficient, not neat. They may tend to break the rules if the end justifies the means. When they drive they are fast and always seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere.

Famous high D’s would include: Donald Trump, Barbara Walters, Mark Cuban, Vince Lombardi, Jerry Seinfeld. Famous fictional characters: Star Trek – Captain Kirk, Sex and the City – Samantha Jones

High I Style – Influencer, Expressive, Sanguine

  • Spontaneous
  • Impulsive
  • Sociable, impulsive
  • Engaging, emotional, open
  • Enthusiastic, energetic
  • Light-hearted, fun, happy
  • Friendly, warm and inviting
  • Positive and cheerful
  • Conversational and chatty
  • Talks more than listens
  • Not detail oriented
  • People oriented
  • Extraverted
  • Persuader
  • Promoter

The high I is extroverted and people oriented. They are indirect in their communication. They are disorganized. The high I is optimistic and trusting. If you look at their office, it will appear contemporary and you will notice memorabilia of experiences. They are wordy when they write and talk. They may not be aware of the rules and may break them unintentionally. When they drive they are very visual, looking around, and will have the radio on.

Famous high I’s would include: Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Robin Williams, Arnold Palmer, Steve Martin, Andrea Agassi. Famous fictional characters: Sex and Thee City - Carrie Bradshaw.

High S Style – Steady, Relater, Amiable, Phlegmatic

  • Modest, relaxed
  • Calm, steady, laid-back
  • Trustworthy, sincere
  • Friendly, amiable
  • Indecisive, seeks knowledge
  • Attentive, listens well
  • Careful, patient, thoughtful
  • Logical, detail oriented
  • Data and fact oriented
  • Benefit oriented
  • People oriented
  • Introverted
  • Relater
  • Supporter

The high S is introverted and people oriented. They are indirect in their communication. Stability, family and friends are important to them. They do not like change. They are slow to make a decision. If you look at their office, you will see family photos and a “homey” atmosphere. When they drive they are very relaxed and not in a hurry.

Famous high S’s would include: Ghandi, Jimmy Carter, Mother Teresa, Barbara Bush. Famous fictional characters include: Charlie Brown, The Long Ranger – Tonto, Sex and the City – Charlotte York

High C Style – Compliance, Analytical, Melancholic

  • Careful, formal, organized
  • Logical, disciplined
  • Systematic, programmatic
  • Precise, exact, analytical
  • Takes their time
  • Desires to do it “right”
  • Quiet, unemotional
  • Quality oriented, desires proof
  • Data and fact driven
  • Process and detail oriented
  • Task oriented
  • Introverted
  • Coordinator
  • Analyzer

The high C is introverted and task-oriented. They are direct in their communication. They follow procedures and are “by the book” - knowing and following the rules. They are slow to buy and like proven products. If you look at their office you will see graphs and charts – it will be very functional. When they drive they are careful and follow the rules, and research has shown they are the safest drivers!

Famous high C’s would include: Al Gore, Diane Sawyer, Isaac Newton, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Jack Nicklaus. Famous fictional characters would include: Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek – Spock, Sex and the City – Miranda Hobbs.

About the Writer: Shelley Bablitz is a Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst who provides DISC assessments to her clients using TTI Talent Insights. One of her biggest observations has been that many companies will invest in the DISC reports, but do not actually “do” anything with this information. Shelley’s approach is to work with clients to use the knowledge of the language of DISC to 1) understand themselves better 2) improve communication in the workplace and 3) immediately increase sales conversion rates by blending your sales style with your customers buying style.

Contact her today for more information about having DISC assessments for yourself and your team and/or to learn about hosting an interactive and informational workshops on Communicating for Profit.

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