Communicating for Profit - Using DISC

Have you ever lost a sale with a prospect and don’t know what went wrong? Did you feel like you just didn’t connect with the prospect? Some element of the communication just didn’t feel right, but you can’t put your finger on it exactly?

I can completely relate to this. I would have the exact same sales pitch for everyone. But I learned something that has forever transformed not only my sales but how I interact with everyone in my life. I learned the Universal Language of DISC.

DISC: Dominant Influential Steady Compliant.

Would it interest you to know, that if you try to sell to everyone the same way, you may be losing as much as 75% of your sales? It is because most people generally make the mistake of assuming that others interact and think in the exact same way they do. Once I realized this wasn’t the case, my communication with my prospects completely changed and my success rate changed along with it.

Improved communication comes in three steps:

  1. Learn your behaviour style.
  2. Recognize the other person’s behavioural style.
  3. Cognitively adapt your behaviour for greater communication.

Here are some interesting facts:

  1. People tend to buy from salespeople who have behavioural styles similar to their own.
  2. Salespeople tend to sell to customers who have a behavioural style similar to their own.
  3. Salespeople who are aware of their own behavioural style and learn to blend with their customer’s style are able to increase their sales.

The fact is, that whether or not you like it, people buy from people they like.

Here are some tips on each of the styles:

The High D likes new products. They are always in a hurry, so don’t waste their time with chit chat. They don’t like a lot of detail, just the highlights. They are impressed by an efficient, businesslike approach. Emphasize the results, prestige and efficiency. They have a very strong ego factor, so flatter them.

The High I likes showy products. They like to try new things. Socialization is important to them, so allow time to have fun in your presentation, maybe tell some stories. They are not interested in the details. You will lose them on the details. They are usually a quick buyer and will often buy on the first visit. But they are not the most loyal, so you better give them plenty of follow up customer service.

The High S likes traditional products. They are not impressed by new and improved. You need to earn their friendship first – ask them about their family and hobbies. They will make emotional decisions if their family is involved. Do not hard sell them. Take it slow and easy or you will lose the sale. You will probably not make the sale on the first contact with a high S. However, they are the perfect customer once you have earned their trust because they do not like change and they are very loyal.

The High C like proven products. They need a lot of proof and background information before making a purchase. Don’t rush them. And don’t waste time with small talk. Get right to the point with plenty of facts and figures. You will probably not make the sale on the first contact with the high C.

The beauty of this is that the Universal Language of DISC can be learned by anyone at any stage in their career. Everyone can improve their communication, leadership and sales results by actively applying the language.

I’d love to show you how you can improve your profitability by improving your communication. If you want more information about my Communicating for Profit program, just send me a message or give me a call.

About the Writer: Shelley Bablitz is a Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst who provides assessments to her clients using TTI Talent Insights. One of her biggest observations has been that many companies will invest in the assessments, but do not actually “do” anything with this information. Shelley’s approach is to work with clients to use the knowledge of the language of the assessment to 1) understand themselves better 2) improve communication in the workplace and 3) immediately increase sales conversion rates by blending your sales style with your customers buying style.

Contact her today for more information about having assessments for yourself and your team and/or to learn about hosting an interactive and informational workshop on Communicating for Profit.

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