Communicating for Profit - With the Enhanced Behavioural Team Report

Communication is everything in an organization. Everything! Consider just a few of the ways we communicate: Body language (facial expressions, gait, gestures, stance, eye contact), talking (direct or indirect), writing style, and even how we decorate and organize our office is a form of communication.

Everything we do is interpreted as communication. It’s how we connect and foster relationships. It is important to not only understand your own communication style (and how others see you), but to understand the styles of those around you and adapt your communication style accordingly. Those that have mastered the art of the language of DISC are better performers – they know how to communicate effectively with team members, suppliers and customers.

The new Enhanced Behavioural Team Report from TTI Success Insights is an incredible tool that should be considered by all organizations. Team leaders will have at their fingertips a tool they can use to communicate and thereby manage their people most effectively. Better communication with employees leads to better engagement (we know from countless employee engagement surveys that poor communication is at the core of lacking engagement). Better engagement leads to employees that are more loyal, productive and committed.

The fact is that good communication contributes to the bottom line.

To quote TTI Success Insights, the researchers and creators of the Enhanced Behavioural Team Report, “Successful teams are critical to the success and sustainability of groups and organizations. Before a leader can develop a strong team culture, he or she has to effectively tap diverse work styles that directly apply to business goals. TTI Success Insights’ enhanced behavioral team report is a compilation of individual behavioral scores that define the culture, gaps, and opportunities that can predict organizational success.”.

Consider the benefits noted by the Enhanced Team Report:

  • Effectively tap diverse work styles and perspectives
  • Recognize the profound differences between people
  • Manage the behavioral gaps and tensions within an organization
  • Identify ways to find and realize the best idea

Communication is the cornerstone to an engaged workforce. An engaged workforce will drive the bottom line. It’s hard to find arguments as to why an organization would not invest in their people by improving communication.

If you would like a sample of the Enhanced Behavioural Report, click here to download a sample. If you would like to talk to someone about getting this report for your organization, either call us at 780-665-4957 or schedule a call to discuss clicking here.

Above: Extract from Section 7 of the Enhanced Behavioural Team Report

About the Writer: Shelley Bablitz is a Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst who provides assessments to her clients using TTI Talent Insights. One of her biggest observations has been that many companies will invest in the assessments, but do not actually “do” anything with this information. Shelley’s approach is to work with clients to use the knowledge of the language of the assessment to 1) understand themselves better 2) improve communication in the workplace and 3) immediately increase sales conversion rates by blending your sales style with your customers buying style.

Contact her today for more information about having assessments for yourself and your team and/or to learn about hosting an interactive and informational workshops on Communicating for Profit.

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