What are the Qualities of Great Leaders?

We have all heard the cliché that leaders are made and not born. But have you ever stopped to think about the qualities that make a great leader? Let’s take a look at some of the most notable qualities:

Leaders are Developed. We just said that leaders are not born, but are made. This starts by reading the biographies of the greatest leaders. They read, study, gain insights, challenge, practice, and then repeat. They are willing to do the work to learn and grow and commit to never ending self improvement.

Leaders Rise in Crisis. When there is a situation that requires leadership, the great leaders will naturally rise to the occasion. They keep calm, cool and collected during crisis.

Leaders Have Vision. Leaders have a clear picture of who they are and where they want to go. They are strategic – having a clear mission, purpose, defined goals, and clarity.

Leaders Have Courage. Leaders are willing to take risks. They are bold. They are willing to accept failure and then try again.

Leaders Have Audacity. Leaders dare to go forward. They take no guarantees.

Leaders Have Integrity. The great leaders are trusted, respected and admired.

Leaders Are Realistic. Leaders face the world as it really is and not how they want it to be.

Leaders Are Consistent. Leaders do what they say, always. As a result, people feel they can always count on them.

Leaders Are Responsible. Leaders are responsible for their actions. They don’t make excuses or blame other people.

Leaders Are Focused On The Future. Leaders are able to focus on the opportunities of tomorrow. They have foresight, patience, and an ability to anticipate the future.

Leaders Have Commitment. Leaders are committed to winning, to being their best and strive for excellence. They are result oriented. They are focused on continuous and never ending improvement.

Leaders Are Focused on Core Competencies. A leader will ask the question “what can I do, and only I do, that if done well will make a real difference?”

Leaders are Cooperative. Leaders work well with others. They identify key people they can cooperate with and then work smoothly together.

Leaders Lead by Example. Leaders get out and move around with people. They are visible to the people they lead.

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