If You Dream It, You Can Achieve It. Really?

If you dream it you can achieve it”. Really? I think not. I only wish this was actually the way life worked. I dream about being an Olympic class equestrian, but no amount of dreaming, determination, commitment, coaching or money will ever make that a realizable dream. It is far more likely I will be struck by lightening 10 times in 10 days than ever become an Olympic equestrian.

I must confess that if you look back at my daily inspirational quotes that I post on social media channels you will without doubt find that I have posted this quote before. That is because this quote is not entirely without merit. If you dream realistic dreams, you can achieve them.

When planning your 2017 resolutions, set yourself up for success with these quick tips to setting and achieving realistic goals:

  1. Know your limitations. I know because of my age and lack of athleticism I will never be an Olympian. However, there are other levels of competition I can aim for that will still be a challenge for me, but not impossible. I will set a goal that will push me to work hard and be determined, but at the same time is not outside the realm of possibility.
  2. Set reasonable deadlines and milestones. Set timelines that are challenging, but achievable. I would really like to wear my size 4 dress to the Chamber Ball in late January. I am a size 10 now. Is it likely I can drop a few sizes in a few weeks? Not likely, and not without health risks. Therefore, my goal will be to drop 1 dress size for the Ball (and reward my first milestone achievement with a new dress for the event). I might plan to reasonably lose one dress size per month until I achieve my goal.
  3. Plan for Setbacks. Expect the occasional setback and do not let it derail you. Plan to make yourself stronger and more determined for pushing past the setbacks. Many people have had a great number of failures on their way to success. Remember, Thomas Edison made approximately 10,000 light bulbs before one finally worked.
  4. Stay true to your Values. If you goal is to make 10x the income in 2017 to provide better for your family, it will not do them a lot of good if you are in jail because you had to sell drugs to children to achieve the goal. It won’t do you a lot of good either as your conscious tears you apart. While an extreme example, the point is to keep your goals true to your values and in balance with all the important aspects of your life – your business/career, finances, health/wellness, and family/relationships.

With that advise, it is time to sit down and start writing out some goals for the new year.

If you have any questions on goal setting and achievement, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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