My version of SMART Goals

Goals that are not written down are just wishes. If you want to achieve your goals, the statistics prove you need to start by writing them down. So where do you start? With SMART goals.

Specific. Be as specific as possible. Who is involved? What do you want to accomplish? Where is the location?

Measurable. Goals should be defined in numerical or financial terms. How will you know when you’ve reached your goal if you can’t measure it? Consider questions such as how much? How many?

Aligned with Your Values. What is it that you value? Does your goal plan align with those values? For example, your goals may not be aligned with your values if you choose to rob a bank, sell drugs, or spend 100% of your time away from your family in order to achieve your financial goal. Therefore, ensure your goal plan is in synch with your values.

Realistic. A goal must represent something that you are able and willing to work towards. Can you reasonably achieve your goals, or is it more of a wish? For example, planning to make a $1 million by winning the lottery is a wish and not a goal.

Time Bounded. When is the deadline for completing your goal? Once you have a deadline, you can work backwards and plan your milestones to ensure you stay on track to achieving your goals.

Do you have your goals written down? Are your goals SMART? What are you waiting for, join the successful 3% and get writing your goals today.

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