Lose the Morning, Lose the Day – 6 Tips to Increase your Morning Productivity

Productivity experts will almost all tell you that one of the secrets to success is to get up early and stick to a routine. Here are some tips to plan to have a consistently productive morning:

  1. When You Wake Up, Get Up. Do not laze around in bed after you have awoken. Get up and get busy.
  2. Get up At the Same Time Every Day. Professionals, naturopaths to productivity experts, will almost always agree on one thing, and that is to get up every day at the same time (give or take an hour). It is good for your health and for your productivity.
  3. Plan Your Day. First thing every morning (or perhaps second after making coffee), take 10 minutes to plan your day. Write down what you need to accomplish and prioritize it by urgency. Taking a few minutes to plan your day will have a dramatic result in your overall productivity. Having a written list of priorities for the day will help to keep you focused on what needs to be done – keeping you focused as thing start to interrupt and distract you throughout the day.
  4. Stay Away from the Internet and TV. Many people like to peruse through their social media, scan through their emails, scroll through the internet highlights or watch the news first thing in the morning. These are time wasting activities which can get completely out of control – before you know it you will have lost an hour or more of your day. Schedule time for these activities. And do not worry, if something important was mentioned on the news, someone will tell you about it.
  5. Set aside time for email. Schedule time for when you deal with your email. When you do deal with your email, deal with it immediately – responding, delegating or deleting accordingly. By not having to revisit the same email later to deal with it you will save hours each month. In addition, do not keep your email accounts open throughout the day. The constant distraction of email interrupting you during your work will cost you in productivity and accuracy. By dropping what you are working on to be at the beck-and-call of your email you will lose time by having to pick up your work where you left off each time you are interrupted – and this may also cause you to make mistakes.
  6. Schedule Your Morning. The morning is the easiest time of day to stick to a routine. This is generally because there are a lot less distractive excuses in the morning. Morning is the best time of the day to build a routine of doing your reading (and stick to career building reading in the morning), exercising, or strategizing. Block time off every morning for the couple activities that are important to you – you will probably find it is easier to keep up to date on these activities if you schedule them in the morning.

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