Newton. Einstein. And the Genius of Coaching

After many years of frugally saving every copper penny I could get my hands on, I purchased a very much desired, real flesh and blood "Penny". Beyond any doubt, this was the single most exciting day of my entire childhood.

Penny was my first horse. She was absolutely gorgeous. A beautiful deep golden palomino pinto. I had been dreaming of this day for my entire 13 years of life.

Although I was a prolific reader and read everything I could about horses, I really knew nothing practical about horses. And, as it turned out, Penny didn’t really know much about being the perfect first horse for a child either. Penny was what horsemen would call “green broke” which means that she was just barely trained.


Penny was smart. Really smart. In fact, Penny was a sort of equine physicist. She understood completely Newton’s First Law Of Motion “every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it”. In this equation, I was considered the object in motion and the fence was considered the external force. Penny’s application of this theory was to gallop towards the fence and hit it at full speed. I would remain in a state of motion and fly off her back, over her head, and come to a sudden (and rather painful) stop when I hit the fence. As you would expect, that would conclude our riding for the day and reconfirm for Penny what a genius this Newton fellow was. I would go home in mud and tears. Determined sole that I was, I always tried again the next day. I think the expression "get back up on the horse" was coined by someone who was watching me.

One day I hit the fence a lot harder than most days and broke my nose. With my nose gushing blood, I ran home to my Mom. My Mom was a licensed practical nurse and obsessively clean. She looked through the window to see her daughter running to the house, blood everywhere. My Mom ran to the door…. and locked it. There was to be no blood on her beautifully cleaned floors.

Both my Mom and Penny taught me how to "cowgirl up".

Every single day I got back on my beloved horse, only to get tossed into a fence. But I wasn’t letting go of my goal. No way, no how. Problem was, I just didn’t know how to proceed.


The day I broke my nose was the day I discovered a genius of my own to be inspired by. Einstein. He said “Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result”.

So you know what I did differently? I got a coach! From that day forward, everything got better. My coach showed me the way to success. Not only was I not defying a broken neck every day, Penny and I were winning in the show ring!

Years later and after lots of hard work and great coaching and training, I won my first World Champion title with my stallion Tribune. How is that for goal achievement? It would never have been possible without that decision to get that first coach.


Coaching doesn’t just help young aspiring horse enthusiasts reach their dreams. In fact, coaching isn’t just for sports.

Business owners don’t have to suffer with getting their noses figuratively broken!

A business coach works with the business owner to provide guidance, support, accountability and encouragement. Much like sports coaches work with athletes, business coaches work with business owners to achieve their goals.

Don't hesitate. Contact me with your business coaching needs.


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