People Do Things for Their Reasons, Not Yours - What is Their Why?

People do things for their reasons, not yours. What motivates people is not something that you can observe, like the DISC behavioural styles. DISC, while really the doorway to effective communication, only scratches the surface of a person’s behaviour. Motivators are not apparent in behaviour. When you understand a person’s behaviour and motivators, your interactions will be as effective as possible.

According to TTI Success Insights, motivators are “what drives people or why they do what they do…. Fulfilling motivational needs leads to engagement and satisfaction in both personal and professional lives”.

Eduard Spranger wrote the book “Types of Men” in 1928. This research is the basis for the continued research by TTI Success Insights and is the basis of the 12 Driving Forces assessment and workshop series.

According to the research by TTI Success Insights, there are 12 Driving Forces, the “why” we do what we do. TTISI’s 12 Driving Forces are:

Theoretical / Knowledge

  • Instinctive: Driven by utilizing past experiences, intuition and seeking specific knowledge when necessary
  • Intellectual: Driven by the opportunities to learn, acquire knowledge and the discovery of truth.

Economical / Utility

  • Selfless: Driven by completing tasks for the sake of completion, with little expectation of personal return
  • Resourceful: Driven by practical results, maximizing both efficiency and returns for their time, talent, energy and resources

Aesthetic / Surroundings

  • Objective: Driven by the functionality and objectivity of their surroundings
  • Harmonious: Driven by the experience, subjective viewpoints and balance in their surroundings.

Social / Others

  • Intentional: Driven to assist others for a specific purpose, not just for the sake of being helpful or supportive.
  • Altruistic: Driven to assist others for the satisfaction of being helpful and supportive.


  • Collaborative: Driven by being in a supporting role and contributing with little need for individual recognition
  • Commanding: Driven by status, recognition and control over personal freedom.


  • Receptive: Driven by new ideas, methods and opportunities that fall outside a defined system for living
  • Structured: Driven by traditional approaches, proven methods and a defined system for living.

As a Certified Professional Driving Forces Analyst, I work with organizations and teams to learn about what motivates them. Individually, people learn the power of “know thyself” and as a team, communication and engagement can be improved.

If you would like to know more about how to learn about your Driving Forces, consider the following products and services we offer:

Assessments – We can do an individual, and we can also take the results of the individual team members and compile them into a comprehensive team report which is really effective for team leaders to manage their groups.

Workshops - The workshops are engaging and interactive including such activities as: Keyword Line-Up, Driving Forces Jeopardy, Driving Forces Pictionary, Everyone’s Flower, and You’ve Earned a New Car.

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