Tips to Stop Wasting Time

The most successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common. They are exceptional at time management. One aspect of great time management skills is to learn to eliminate the practice of wasting time. Wasting time is when you find yourself with moments of time when you are not prepared to do anything, and then spend that time in an unproductive manner. How many times have you ever found a successful person saying they are doing something just to waste time? Never. They are always prepared to make every minute of the day count.

Here are a few tips on preparing to maximize your time and stop wasting it:

1. When You Wake Up, Get Up

Once I was listening to an interview with Hugh Jackman when he was asked one of the secrets of his success. He said one of his secrets was “when you wake up, get up”. Sure, it can feel wonderful to just laze around for a few extra minutes or even hours. The reality is that this is valuable time that is being wasted. Remember that it can take 21 days to form a habit. So for the next 21 days challenge yourself to wake up and get up.

Practicing What I Preach. I am definitely one of those people that take a little time to get going in the morning. My personal application of Wake Up and Get Up is to do my journaling first thing in the morning. I conveniently keep my journals right beside my bed. One of the journals is my Goal Journal. By writing my Goal Journal first thing every morning, it not only gives me the motivation to get out of bed, but it ensures I am going in the right direction as soon as I`m out of bed.

2. Practice Being Prepared

There are times when you find yourself waiting for someone or something – such as a doctor or salon appointment, or maybe a dinner companion. Never let these occasions of waiting turn into time lost. Practice being prepared. You no doubt have a long list of reading to be done, so always carry a book or magazine with you. By doing so, you can ensure you are taking these moments of found time as opportunities for personal growth and not time to be wasted.

Practicing What I Preach. I keep a book in my vehicle with me wherever I go. That way, if I happen to be early for an appointment, or someone else happens to be late, I am always prepared to make the most of those moments.

3. Maximize Travel Time

Have you stopped to calculate how much time you spend sitting in your car? You no doubt spend countless hours a week in your car. Take this opportunity to listen to audio books. If you were able to listen to one book a week on audio while in your car, that would amount to 52 books a year. What are the core competencies in your field? If you added 52 books a year to your continual learning routine, you will be an expert in your field and excel over your competition.

Travelling by plane or train are other opportunities to work uninterrupted. Maximize your travel time by bringing along your laptop, tablet or books. Don’t waste the time watching a movie (that you can hardly hear or see anyhow), get to work!

Practicing What I Preach. I spend an extraordinary amount of time in my car and will routinely listen to audio books. Personally, I like to listen to the audio version of a book I’ve either recently read or want to refresh myself on. Going to the library to borrow an audio book is also a very economical way to listen to a lot of books without breaking the budget.

4. Maximize Exercise Time

Taking time to exercise is good for you both mentally and physically. There are some forms of exercise where it is safe and effective to multi-task with some learning time. Walking, running or doing weights are sports where you can listen to audio books or (if in the gym) even watch video. Make smart choices about the videos you watch while on the treadmill. Listen to audio books on your headphones instead of music.

Practicing What I Preach. I go for a walk almost every single day during the lunch hour. I maximize this time by doing one of two things. First, I have a Bluetooth headset which allows me to take care of outstanding telephone calls while I am walking. Second, I always have audio books on my phone ready to listen to during my walks. A word of caution though, being a distracted pedestrian can be just as dangerous as being a distracted driver – so practice these techniques in a safe and responsible manner. For example, just a couple weeks ago I was dialing on my phone while going down some steps, and I missed a step and fell down the rest! Now I wait until I am at the bottom of the steps before dialing!

Time management is life management. If you want to know about how you can manage your time better, please contact me for more information or join my Facebook page devoted to the subject EatThatFrogEdmonton.


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