Why Hire A Business Coach?

At some point, every business owner gets stuck or needs help finding direction. Whether your company is large or small, struggling or successful, there will come a time when an outside perspective can be a helpful asset in clearing a path to your success.

Just like a sports coach can evaluate a player’s weaknesses and provide feedback from the sidelines, a business coach can do the same for a business owner in need of encouragement. Hiring a business coach is not an admission of failure on behalf of the business owner, it’s a strategic decision to take things to the next level. In fact, hiring a business coach could not only save your business from failure, it could elevate it to unimaginable heights.

Hiring a business coach is a break from the norm that will push you outside your comfort zone, which is a step that requires courage on the part of the business owner. But before you hire a business coach, here are three factors you should consider.

Experience counts

You should always factor in a prospective business coach’s past experience and career history. Where they successful in business? What was the highest levels they reached on the corporate ladder? While being a former senior corporate leader is not a requirement, you want to be sure your business coach has an advanced level of management experience and results to draw from in order to help your business reach its goals. Choosing an experienced business veteran as your business coach will give you confidence in knowing he or she has a history of getting results, and can help you and your business grow.

Choose a partner

While you are paying a business coach to engage with you, he or she is there to partner with you in reaching your goals. You don’t work for your coach and vice versa; you are a team. Your business coach should be a sounding board and provide an outside perspective on topics relevant to your business. Make sure you feel a connection with a prospective coach, and feel that you can build a productive relationship. Coaching is a uniquely personal relationship, and a certain level of comfort is required for it to be effective. Once you’ve established a connection with a coach, be sure they have a skill set and vision that matches yours.

Look deeper

During your initial conversations with a prospective business coach, you should be sure he or she has a clear understanding of your business. Steer clear of anyone with an elevator speech or a generic pitch. Instead seek insight into their approach to coaching. Do they like to be in command of a situation? Do they provide ample opportunity for conversation? Do they just throw out ideas with out any basis? A free consultation or introductory coaching session is a great way to examine someone’s coaching style and see if it’s a fit for you. Taking advantage of this offering provides a great learning tool about who the business coach is and could also provide you some ideas to implement into your business.

Selecting a business coach is a personal decision that can change the path your business is on, so make sure you are choosing wisely. If you’d like to talk about how I can help you achieve your business goals, contact me for a free consultation and business assessment.


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