Why I Once Bought A Car While Killing Time (And Why It Won't Happen Again)

Throughout my life, I have made quick and spontaneous decisions about just about everything. I am sure I can provide you with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of examples. Sometimes this behaviour has led to some fabulous life experiences, and sometimes… well, not so much.

This spontaneous style is probably the driving force behind my shopping slogan “if the shoe fits, buy it”. If you saw my closet, you would realize that is a rather true depiction of my actual shoe shopping behaviour (fortunately for my bank account, I have very wide feet and not a lot of shoes actually fit). Once, I had some time to spare while waiting for a manicure appointment and there was a car dealership right beside the salon. I had about 20 minutes before my appointment so I decided to kill time in the dealership. Even though I wasn’t in the market for a car, I spontaneously purchased one in those 20 minutes.

Now, before every car dealer who reads this blog calls me up, I have to confess that I will never buy a car spontaneously again. I have learned to understand my behaviour, catch myself engaging in that behaviour, and adapt my behaviour accordingly.

It really wasn’t until years later that I understood the ‘why’ behind my impulsive style. Once I understood the ‘why’, as I reflected back on my life choices, I realized the pattern in my life. Understanding the ‘why’ is the first step to being able to change behaviour when necessary.

A DISC analysis revealed that I have a natural High I behavioural style. Some of the descriptors of this style are: spontaneous, trusting, sociable, optimistic, poised, emotional, generous, popular, open-minded. This isn’t to say that all High I’s will buy a car in under 20 minutes, but they will make the decision faster than other DISC behavioural styles. I am now very aware that I can make shopping decisions a little too fast, and I have made myself a habit of second guessing every purchase – and for the most part that works. Except when it comes to shoes.

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