Why and How to Ask for Customer Testimonials

Why ask for customer testimonials?

The answer is simple. Having customer reviews will increase conversion rates and sales… and will improve your bottom line.

We are in the age where an overwhelming 90% of potential customers will read online reviews. Why? Customer reviews are trusted. Especially when there are both favourable and unfavourable reviews as this reassures the potential customer that any unfavourable reviews were not deleted. In addition, when you reply to the unsatisfied customer reviews in a professional manner to ‘make things right’ with that customer, your potential customer will take note and appreciate that you handled the situation reasonably.

People are more inclined to voluntarily write a negative review when they are dissatisfied. Satisfied customers often do not consider writing reviews unless they are encouraged to do so.

How to ask for customer testimonials

So, how exactly do we get satisfied customers to write reviews? The first step in getting a product or service reviewed is to realize that people don't actually want to review it. Instead you need to give them a reason to write about you. Use effective, but not seemingly desperate or overdone, Calls-To-Action.

Website Calls-To-Action

First, when your customer visits your website make sure it is evident that reviews are easy to find. Customers are not likely to leave reviews if they think they do not matter, so placement is important.

Second, make it easy for customers to leave a review with a button and a Call-To-Action. Do not overdue the Call-To-Action and appear to be desperate. No more than one Call-To-Action button on a page.

Offer incentives

It is not recommended to offer a discount or reward to everyone who leaves a review as it’s typically seen as undermining the review process. If you do use incentives, they can take many forms such as giving a discount of next purchase or an entry to a contest. With this tactic, it is important to ensure that all reviews qualify for the incentive, not just the good reviews, otherwise you will be seen as “paying for good reviews”.

Newsletter links

If your company does a monthly newsletter, add a widget to your newsletter making it easy for the customer to “click and write” a review for you. Ensure you use a call-to-action to encourage the customer to follow through. Making it easy for the customer will increase the likelihood they will write the review.

Email follow-ups

You can collect customer email addresses at the point of purchase. Once the customer has completed a purchase you can email them to ask if they would like to leave feedback, ensuring to have a handy link included in the email.

Ask in person

When you know your customer is delighted with your service, simply ask the customer to give you a review. Let them know that they will be doing you a favour and how long it will take them. Tell them you are looking forward to reading their review.

Make it easy for your customer to write the review.

  • Consider having a tablet available at checkout for the customer to complete the review then and there
  • Have a custom business card with the link to the review site. This tactic keeps it easy for the client and helps them to remember.
  • Offer to email them a link, then send them a personalized email with the link.

Ask on Social Media

You have put a lot of time, effort and money into building your Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Do not be shy about asking your social media community to write a review. Put out a Call-to-Action on your channels and make it easy for your customers to follow through by providing a link to the review site.

Convert Written Reviews

There are times when you may receive a written review or thank you from a customer. Contact your customer and ask for permission to post this onto your site. Ensure you ask if they mind being named, and if they do, ask if you can publish the review anonymously.

Thank the customer for the review

Your customer took time out of their busy schedule to write a review for you. Ensure that you recognize their effort with a “thank you.”

  • Email your customer as soon as the review has been completed.
  • Telephone your customer
  • Send your customer a hand-written Thank You card. This is something rarely done these days, and it has enormous impact as a result.
  • Thank your client in person on their next visit.

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